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Serta Philippines to Bring World’s Premium Brand of Comfort Closer to Filipinos

Filipinos have been classified as one of the most sleep deprived people in the world as stated in the recent survey result disclosed by Sleep Cycle, a sleep tracking application. Having only an average of six and a half hours of sleep a day, Filipinos are most likely at the critical level of being prone to serious health problems.

This March, the annual global celebration of World Sleep Day highlights the importance of sleep to one's physical, mental, and social well-being. Carrying the theme “Sleep Is Essential for Health”, World Sleep Society calls out members of World Sleep Society, sleep experts, and community health advocates in over 70 countries to organize sleep health awareness activities on and around Friday, March 17, 2023.

The Herd is Coming!

In the Philippines, premium comfort advocate Serta Philippines is set to reach out to more Filipinos as it kicks off the World Sleep Day celebration in the country. Dubbed Follow the Herd: Life at Its Best with Serta, Serta Philippines will be holding a Sleep Caravan in different key areas starting March 16, 2023.

“Serta is known for offering the world’s best mattress. We want every Filipino to fully enjoy their sleep and maximize its health potential, and with Serta mattresses and pillows, we can help them realize how having a good and healthy sleep can make them be at their best and stay healthy, focused and energized each waking hour,” Serta Philippines shared.

The Serta Sleep Caravan will commence at Greenbelt, where its first Flagship Store in the Philippines is located. The caravan will feature Serta’s premium mattress as well as pillows and other bedroom accessories from March 16 to 31. After this, the caravan will tour around Metro Manila and other provincial cities to promote healthy sleep and Life at Its Best with Serta.

“After we’ve opened our flagship store in Makati, we’ve witnessed how Filipinos are eager to include healthy sleep in their lifestyle. This Serta Caravan is a great opportunity for many Filipinos to personally see and feel the world’s premium brand of mattress and bed accessories. We hope we’ll be able to meet them in one of our caravans across the country and provide them a better understanding of our products that share healthy sleep with the world,” Serta Philippines added.

The World Leader in Comfort

Set to showcase Serta’s world-class products, Serta Caravan will highlight the beauty of its Celestial Collection (Athena, Freya, Eleos), which is renowned for its lavish comfort due to its 7-zone Honeycomb Pocket on Pocket Coil that is made of Serta’s very own Gold Series Coil spring technology. Made with precise calculation and attention to details, Serta’s Celestial Collection exhibits brand’s dedication of providing comfort all wrapped up in highly durable materials and astonishing design that suits Filipinos style and comfort need.

To know more about Serta Philippines and its products, you may visit You may also follow Serta Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news, updates, and promos.

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