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Small Town Roaming in Taiwan: Dadaocheng & Beitou

There are many quiet historical scenic spots in Taipei, Taiwan. Among them, Dadaocheng and Beitou are leisure spots extremely suitable for roaming and strolling.

Dadaocheng is situated at the city center not far away from Taipei Main Station, which was an important trade harbor of northern Taiwan in early year. You could say that it was a prosperous area of northern Taiwan in a century ago. All groceries and dry foods, medical materials and teas were imported and exported from port of Dadaocheng then.

Dadaocheng carries the memory of history and is naturally the start to recognize Taiwan, while Dihua Street is the must go traditional delicacy street. In addition, there are many pottery, tea arts such cultural shops and coffee shops make Dadaocheng a cultural and traditional place. People may stroll more than half day to experience the trace of time and appreciate the sunset of Tamshuei River at the Dadaocheng Wharf.

The delicacies of Dadaocheng are scattered around Dihua Street Yonglo Market like stinky Tofu, pig blood pastry, thick rice noodle, milkfish thick soup and many old restaurants with traditional delicacies in northern Taiwan to satisfy the need of gourmands.

Different from the prosperity in Dadaocheng, the down town Beitou hot spring area situated in Yangmingshan National Park was the place where rick businessmen would bathe the hot spring for vacation in the old time.

It was called Taiwan hot spring town and there are still many spring houses and scenic spots inherited from Japanese colonial period.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Library and Beitou Museum all reserve the styles in Japanese colonial period and even Beitou Park has relics with strong Japanese feeling during that period.

Beitou one day trip is very convenient. It takes less than half hour to take MRT from Taipei to Beitou and you may find hot spring everywhere.

Beitou Library is especially recommended. The wood building is very quiet inside, and surrounded by green bamboo and trail full of green ivory like in the forest. Tourists may enjoy fendofine as taking rest here and totally relaxed.

You may plan for one day roaming each at Dadaocheng and Beitou hot spring or spending half day at Dadaocheng –bathe hot spring by taking MRT to Beitou in the morning and go to Dadaocheng afternoon to appreciate the night view of Dadaocheng Wharf after dusk. The trip may be even extended to Ximending at night. The entire small town roaming is rich and satisfactory.

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Come and enjoy the wonderful travel experiences!

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