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Smooth Operator

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

Availing the service of a local tour operator surely comes with its own set of unbeatable perks. With the main goal of giving its clients an unforgettable travel experience, travelers can be sure that they will be cared for by the hospitality professional.

Destination Expert.

The tour operator knows the destination like the back of their hand. Get to know the juicy details of history and context. See things from a perspective not found in travel guides. The specialized knowledge of a country or a particular destination by tour operators puts them in a better position to organize trips specially those involving stops off the beaten path. (This is where the close relationship they have built with the suppliers comes in handy.)

Money and Time Saver.

In a quest to make a good name for themselves and encourage repeat business, a tour operator offers competitive prices and can suggest and even make an itinerary that matches the budget and interests of travelers. They save travelers the trouble of ‘analysis paralysis’ as the latter painstakingly put together a trip of their own.


Leaving the nitty gritty of traveling in the hands of the tour operator means more time to focus and enjoy the sights and sound of one’s chosen destination. One will be at peace knowing everything has been already planned out with great care.


Experience Travel and Living Publisher Ana Manansala recently had the chance to experience the impeccable service provided by Yoga Bali Tour as she explored the natural beauty, ancient temples, and lively markets of Bali, Indonesia. The well-travelled CEO took her hat off to the efficiency and professionalism of Yoga Bali Tour and Travel company.

Now if Bali rings a bell, the popular memoir “Eat Pray and Love” written by Elizabeth Gilbert may just be responsible for it. The main character Liz Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts in the

movie adaptation) embarked on a quest of self-discovery that has taken her to Italy, India and Bali.

In the tropical paradise that is Bali, Gilbert learned to love again as she rediscovers her purpose. The raw beauty and sacred vibe of the “Land of the Gods” provided an enchanting backdrop to the story. As a result, Bali has become an even more popular destination among people seeking a similar experience.

Yoga Bali Tour and Travel offers a packaged tour that retrace Gilbert’s footsteps, exploring the same places she mentions in her memoir, among many packaged tours. The destination management company is a one-stop shop for all travel-related requirements. Its strict adherence to its vision of developing beneficial services built on trust, value, and commitment has given it an excellent reputation in the tourism industry. The tour operator has been putting smiles of satisfaction in the faces of their clients for a decade and a half now through its friendly and multi-lingual team members.

While “Eat Pray Love” may reflect the experience of Liz Gilbert in Bali, it is a mere tip of the iceberg in terms of what the small beautiful island can offer. Discover firsthand its own unique blend of culture, spirituality, and natural beauty. Isn’t it time to write your own Bali story?

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