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Taiwan Hot Spring Seasons Kick Off!

Top 10 hot springs and Taiwanese delicacies are waiting

Taiwan situates in Circum-Pacific Seismic Belt which provides it with an abundance of volcanic and geothermal resources. The abundance of geothermal resources creates a large variety of spring kinds, making Taiwan ranked within 15 in the world, and also praised as “a treasure island with hot springs”. When the weather is cold, being soaked into a hot spring is extremely comfortable. What’s more, going to a hot spring in a long term brings your body multiple benefits. Besides, you can also enjoy hot spring delicacies from different places. Thus, we sincerely welcome people from the Philippines to travel to Taiwan for quality hot springs, local delicacies and a delightful stress-relieving hot spring town experience.

The season of hot springs is around the corner. Tourism Bureau of Taiwan holds series of events to promote the journey of hot springs, delicacies and culture in Taiwan. In 2018, the bureau hosted a contest and had selected “Top 10 hot springs” in Taiwan, which are “Guanziling Hot Spring”, “Xinbeitou Hot Spring”, “Jiaoxi Hot Spring”, “Jhihben Hot Spring”, “Kukuan Hot Spring”, “Taian Hot Spring”, “Jinshan Wanli Hot Spring”, “Wulai Hot Spring”, “Ruisui Hot Spring” and “Baolai and Bulao Hot Spring”. Each of them embrace different kinds of spring quality, landscape and local foods, and they are all worth visiting for overseas tourists around the world to relieve their stress.

The hot spring towns in Taiwan not only have great hot springs, but also offer hot spring healthy menus taking advantage of “local and seasonal ingredients”. By that, we hope to attract worldwide travelers to experience a soothing journey in Taiwan.

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