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Tantalizing Tindeli

By. Cesar Cruz Jr.

When the craving for delectable and straightforward Filipino cuisine strikes, where do you find yourself heading? Enter Tindeli, the latest culinary masterpiece by renowned chef Tatung Sarthou, a maestro in redefining Filipino flavors.

Known for his innovative approach to Filipino cuisine, Chef Tatung seamlessly combines the nostalgic charm of a traditional neighborhood "tindahan" with the sophistication of an upscale specialty deli, creating a culinary concept that transcends boundaries.

"At Tindeli, we believe that if you have faith in your product, people will support it. Our food is relatable, not pretentious—crafted with love," affirms Chef Tatung.

Tindeli takes pride in its distinctive offerings, featuring custom-made delights ranging from handcrafted bread and pastries to a diverse selection of sausages, bacon, longganisa, and charcuterie. Chef Tatung's unwavering commitment to bringing Filipino flavors to the forefront is evident in each artisanal creation.

"I want diners to savor Filipino flavors anytime, anywhere," expresses Chef Tatung, whose creations, prominently featured on social media, have garnered a dedicated fan base. From classic sourdough to the generously filled Tindesals boasting unique combinations like chicken salad and longganisa spreads, each item reflects a harmonious blend of familiarity and culinary expertise.

Technology plays a pivotal role in Chef Tatung's pursuit of quality. His meticulous, technology-driven processes ensure consistency and affordability without compromising the rich taste or texture of Tindeli's offerings.

Tindeli is more than just a deli and café—it is a thoughtfully designed space where traditional Filipino elements coalesce with modern aesthetics. Chef Tatung personally curated the colors and design, melding the warmth of local elements with the vibrancy of contemporary art.

"Tindeli is not about being fancy; it's about providing a cozy spot where people can relax, enjoy homemade food, and savor good coffee or tea," explains Chef Tatung.

Looking ahead, Chef Tatung envisions Tindeli expanding its presence, with plans to open Café & Deli outlets in key cities and provincial areas. Backed by VK Foods Concepts Inc., Tindeli aims to bring the essence of Filipino gastronomy to an even broader audience.

"Join us in celebrating the essence of Filipino gastronomy, culture, and tradition with every bite and sip," invites Chef Tatung.

Step into Tindeli at Gateway 2 Mall and immerse yourself in the culinary magic of Chef Tatung—where every dish, bread, pastry, dessert, and drink narrates a story of Filipino passion and tradition. Tindeli: a place where every moment is a Tindeli-cious delight.

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