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Manny Pascual's Journey to Innovation: The customer experience is the next competitive battleground

Before I start, allow me to quote one of my greatest influences as an entrepreneur, the legendary Steve Jobs. He said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

I can personally relate with that quotation from the late innovator. Those who know me well can attest that I have always defied the convention since I started my interesting career and entrepreneurial journey.

Just like most other esteemed business leaders, I had humble beginnings. I was born not with silver spoon in my mouth but with glimmering guidance from my hardworking parents. I was one of eight kids—and you know how life is here in our country when you are born into a big family. My parents worked hard to make ends meet, and it was understandably a struggle but they were so determined to make us finish our studies so we can establish our own careers.

After college, just like any good son in a Filipino household, I was enthusiastic to get a job and give back the help and support to my family. The common path for us is to become employees, working from 8 to 5 and trying to impress the bosses to be able to climb up the ladder and get better pay rates on the 15th and 30th of every month.

The younger Manny Pascual knew he had to get employed with a high-paying job to be able to help the family so fate brought me to sales and eventually to network marketing. I discovered my passion while enjoying the job. But just like any idealistic young professional, I was itching to make a difference.

So I decided to take on the journey to become my own boss. The logical path was earning passive income. I had built apartments for rent and even delivered tanks of water in trucks to households. It has been easy and I’d been stable until the innovative entrepreneur in me got bored. So, I passed on my businesses to a brother (or sister) and moved on with the goal to establish my own empire, in a path less traveled.

Network marketing has grown tremendously inside me that even if I had to start from scratch, I went on to begin a new and more challenging journey. The moment Steve Jobs launched iPhone and introduced smartphone apps to encourage consumers to use the devices more, that was the signal I was waiting for me to venture into something new.

For some time before we had Shopee and Lazada in our smartphones as marketplaces in apps, Unified Products and Services was already in that field. Long before GCash and Maya, then known as PayMaya, initiated to interconnect with each other and with banks and financial services providers, Unified Products and Services was already there, pioneering in areas where others did not think about going by that time.

Unified Products and Services is a tech-driven company that has endured challenges through the years. We had our ups and downs especially in getting experts in the field. We had our own share of trials and errors only to ensure bringing about an app that is easy to use, safe, and capable of bringing wonders to the evolving Filipino consumers.

I would not stand here and share my entrepreneurial story with you without taking pride of this super app. This is not just my dream. This is also the embodiment of the dreams and aspirations of thousands or millions of Filipino consumers and entrepreneurs across the country.

We are now sharing with everyone the good news and that is Unified Products and Services super app. You might be asking, “How super can this app be?”

First and foremost, the Unified Products and Services super app is a marketplace, an e-commerce site where you can find and purchase just about any item you will ever need. We have categorized items for easier navigation so every Filipino user can easily find what they are looking for.

But our super app is not your ordinary shopping app. Of course, we stand out from the rest. Consumers can instantly enjoy huge discounts when buying every item from Unified Products and Services app. As a budget-conscious consumer, you get the privilege and convenience to buy products in retail at wholesale prices! We even have our own brand with products we manufacture ourselves to exclusively provide an even wider array of choices.

When you shop through the Unified Products and Services, you don’t have to go somewhere else to provide logistics and facilitate delivery of your purchased goods. The super app has its own delivery service tab so you can have your purchases delivered without any hassle. And while we are now into delivery, we are also working to offer ride-hailing through the super app. How convenient can that get?

Do you need to pay bills? How about sending money to your relatives anywhere in the country? Unified Products and Services got you covered! All the financial services you need are bundled into our super app. That’s no surprise! Use the super app to pay any bills, remit money to anyone, who can receive the money through any of our partner remittance centers nationwide. We don’t stop there. You can use the super app to buy insurance, buy prepaid cellphone loads, fund your other e-wallets, and even book and pay for hotels and flight tickets!

There is nothing you can’t do when using the Unified Products and Services super app!

But wait, there’s more, and this is the most exciting part. You can use the super app to get into your own business! Again, Unified Products and Services is pioneering in this service offering. We are combining network marketing and franchising to provide income opportunities through this one heck of a super app!

How does it work? All the features I mentioned earlier can be enjoyed just by downloading the app, signing up for an account, and using the super app as a consumer. But all users can upgrade into premium membership.

With a premium account in the Unified Products and Services super app, we are offering an instant franchising and network marketing opportunity. As a premium member, you get your own sharelink that you can use for referring friends and relatives to download the app, sign up, and use the super app.

Your downline members will be perpetually under your premium account. That means you can earn residual income every time your referred downline members do transactions in the app. And you keep on earning when your referrals or downlines have their own referrals. They earn from their downlines, too. The principle of network marketing applies. There’s continuity of income generation.

Does that sound easy and promising? You must be excited! It is an opportunity that is now presented to you. Invest through a one-time payment of 14,998 pesos to enjoy the privileges and prospects of being a premium account member. Imagine the potential if you refer as many of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances?

Some of our premium members have also put up their own physical stores where they sell the products and supplies we sell through the super app. They also relay our services to more consumers, especially the prepaid loading, bills payment, and remittances. In so doing, they increase their commission from purchasing and using their super app accounts. We are also surprised at how Filipinos can be creative and resourceful when at the same time being enterprising.

Our premium members are not just ordinary users of the super app. They have evolved to be our investors and marketing partners at the same time. The potential for income generation is obviously our greatest motivation!

For those who might be wondering, we are duly registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission and in the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, where Unified Products and Services is listed as a payment platform. That is why I am proud to assert that we are doing business the right way—legal, moral, and ethical.

We are now asking for the humble favor of helping us spread this good news to more Filipinos across the country, and even abroad. Unified Products and Services super app shares the common goal as yours, and that is to serve the people.

Everyone can now enjoy all the products, services, and business opportunities the Unified Products and Services super app is offering. You can be our member or a premium member, right here, right now. This amazing super app is now available for free download in the Google Playstore and the iOS App Store. You can also sign up through our website at

Download the Unified Products and Services super app now!

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