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THE PALAWAN CONCIERGE Staycation in Paradise


When people plan a trip to El Nido, they have these visions of long stretches of white sand, green and blue waters, boats ferrying tourists to and fro, souvenir shops, fire dancers, and a night in a small pub with the lights, the music, and the booze.  Been there, done that. Fast forward to today.  

Did you ever wonder how it’d be like to be within reach of all the creature comforts that is legal to have around (yes, that’s me doing my signature laugh after delivering my line, pun intended) and just staying there?  I did; and I super enjoyed it!  Imagine lounging by the pool, having hotel attendants nearby for your not-too-demanding requests, and knowing your skin is being touched by the same breeze that came in from the sea and went through that motor banca bearing a load of local tourists. It’s knowing that the same sun that gives the most-wanted tan lines to others is giving you just enough warmth to want a dip in the quiet waters of the hotel pool later.  It is getting to do things at your self-imposed pace (which is non-existent, right?) knowing well enough that you are in paradise and the rest of it is just a few steps outside of your doors.

At Charlie’s, you will see that measures were taken to keep the tourists from out of town to the tourists from Manila and the rest of the country.  So how can we interact?  At Charlie’s, there is this big slab of a table that puts you a good 1 meter away from the person on the other side of it.  It is on the area for locals so I and the friends I came with eat at this table. You know how it is when I am around?  There is no dull moment, right?  I would talk and talk, and my friends would do the same; and the short distance across the table did not matter.  

Now let’s talk about a concept that churned in my head during our 4D/3N stay at Charlie’s. You know those hotel robes you don’t really pay attention to?  I wear it over my pambahay to keep my look hotel-cool when I want to join my friends at the chitchat table. Ano pa nga ba? By the second morning, I already knew I’m ready to pitch this.   By the third morning, my look is complete – the white robe, cool glasses, and my fedora. I wish I could tell you more but this is where I need to stop. If you wish to know more of what I do and how my days go, you can follow @dantenicogarcia on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Watch out for the next feature of a different take place where I was born and raised – PALAWAN.

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