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The Pretty You opens the biggest clinic

Three years after starting their roller coaster journey in the beauty business, Jessa and her husband Marvin Macaraig will see one of their biggest dreams come true when The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic opens its largest facility on Sept. 6. The couple’s newest ‘baby,’ aptly called The Pretty You Prime, boasts three spacious treatment rooms, a café, pantry and, stockroom.

Location is everything. So the Macaraigs chose a prime location– Norkis Building, Calbayog St., Mandaluyong City as the site of their flagship clinic. It is accessible to public transportation and EDSA is a few minutes away.

“The Pretty You believes choosing the right location for the aesthetic clinic can be a huge determining factor for our business success,” explains Jessica.

Equipment is just as crucial in any business. Thus, the new clinic houses laser and thermage machines that get rid of hair pigmentation, whiten skin and remove unwanted hair. Various Radio Frequency (RF) machines, on the other hand, remove fat in the tummy, arms, and other parts of the body. And since health and beauty are first cousins, The Pretty You also has intravenous drips with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and other nutrients that promote overall well-being.

The Macaraigs are leaving no stone unturned to make sure things work out well. They are on the lookout for more world-class, safe, and effective machines that give their lady and gentlemen clients the beauty and health treatment they deserve.

“We make sure the technologies we have in our clinic are effective and show instant results. We believe that If a patient is happy and satisfied with the services we offered, they will be our patient for life,” states Macaraig. The 31-year-old mother walks the talk. She goes abroad to attend aesthetic seminars and workshops, where she learns the latest technology in the business. She networks with suppliers and providers all over the world, especially Asia, in her search for machines and procedures that are friendly to Asian skin. As a result, The Pretty You has built a loyal following that trusts the services it provides in its clinics here and abroad. This includes franchisees, that, like its mother clinic, carry BelleSkin products.

Even if it’s on the brink of a new adventure and further expansion, the Macaraigs, whose business has survived the challenges of the pandemic, realize that a lot of challenges lie ahead. The aesthetics industry, for one, is fast-growing and highly competitive. The couple has to deal with people’s changing perceptions about surgical and non-surgical procedures. Some people harbor unfounded fears about new procedures. They must overcome their resistance to change. They must be aware of the benefits aesthetic procedures can give, not only to their looks but their overall well-being. They must appreciate how it boosts self-esteem and makes them better versions of themselves.

Everything is still an uphill climb. But the Macaraigs know it is a climb worth taking because its fruits are rewarding. Thus, The Pretty You Prime is just stepped one of their many efforts to help more people look better, and feel better. This, their main driving force will make them aim higher, thus making more people happier along the way.

This will help them abide by the mantra, “a beautifying treat with fewer thrills but definitely at an affordable price.”

(Check out or The Pretty You’s Facebook page for more).

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