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The Skin that is Tony Labrusca

Anthony Jones Labrusca popularly known as Tony Labrusca, is a Filipino actor, recording artist, and commercial model. Behind the good looks and physique, this young man is an entrepreneur. And what best way to embody his business - skincare products - but himself as the brand image.

“I love to take care of my skin because of my work. Growing up I have skin problems like eczema and acne. I want to share with Filipinos good quality products that I am using to have younger-looking skin. The products were tested to me before launching it to the market.”

SKNFINITY started last June 2020.

“My mom Angel Jones helps me with the business. We launched via Lazada and Shopee. Now we are available thru resellers and distributors nationwide.”

Is being in the entertainment industry gives you a bit of an edge in terms of creating awareness for the brand?

“Yes because the people look up to us in the entertainment industry. People are curious about our skincare regimen.”

SKNFINITY products are formulated from Korea, a country best known when it comes to skincare products.

“Our market is Male and Female from 18 to 50 years old who wants to maintain their younger-looking skin. SKNFINITY offers quality skincare products at affordable prices. You will get the best results for your skin.”

SKNFINITY products include Kojic Whitening Soap, Anti-Acne Whitening Soap, Volcanic Charcoal Soap, Snail White Collagen Soap, Ultimate Whitening Underarm Cream, and Camellia Rejuvenating Set (Soap, Night Cream, Sunblock, and Toner.

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