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Unveiling a New Era in Wellness: Vine Holistics' Evolution with a Redesigned Clinic, Cutting-Edge Technology, and a Team Committed to Your Optimal Health

From left to right: Mr. RM ops manager of VA; Lianne Valentin; Arthur Tselishchev; Dr. Em; Nico Locco; Paolo newly elected President of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers ; Fortune Ledesma Ambassador of Monaco ; Architect Mon De Jesus, Principal Architect of ICDS Design Studio

Vine Holistics' proudly presents its latest evolution in holistic wellness. The unveiling of new logo and redesigned BGC clinic marks a pivotal moment in the commitment to providing an unparalleled well-being experience. The newly assembled team is geared to exceed expectations, complemented by cutting-edge machines that promise a transformative journey towards optimal health. Explore the next level of holistic care as Vine Holistics pioneers a new era in wellness, inviting you to embrace a life of balance, vitality, and rejuvenation.

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