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Visual content and digital creator, Xander Pratt, inspired by the power of individuality

Xander Pratt is an international artist, a concept creator, creative director, and producer

inspired by the power of individuality. An incoming art resident in the Philippines, Pratt is

currently working with the UNESCO Artists for Peace under Cecile Guidote-Alvarez.

Pratt, who was born in Zimbabwe, is a multidisciplinary artist whose work includes

paintings, music, fashion, art direction, and cinema, among other disciplines. The artist

hopes to integrate his love of Asian and African cultures through interdisciplinary

domains such as visual, digital, performance, and fashion art.

His family hails from Ghana and South Africa, and he currently resides in Morocco. As Chairman of AsiaTV, a television network that promotes the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, he will soon be based in the Philippines.

Pratt began his tour in the Philippines last January with a successful staging of his

performance, which was followed by a charity program, a meet and greet, and the

hosting of the Digital Nomad Festival in Siargao Island (Jan. 29-31), courtesy of


Pratt presents his visual artworks in a solo exhibition called & "THE LOST TABLET

COLLECTION' at The Manila House in BGC. This exhibition features 17 limited edition

paintings. From June 26 through July 9, 2023, the exhibit will be on display. Classical

performance of Butterfly Addiction, Pratt's first single release in Asia, was featured

last July 2 at The Rizal Room.

Throughout Pratt's Asia tour, his collection of paintings will remain at BGC.

His visual paintings take 10 days to complete or as long as 8 months, and he works on

14 different pieces all at the same time, switching from one canvas to another.

How long do I finish these series? It could take 10 days, it could take 8 months. Each of

my art pieces has something and meanings. You'll find meaning in everything and

(people) they'll say how did the artist know? That's how we humans are. And when they

need hope, they find it. When they're in despair, they find hope,” he explained.

In order to spread the idea that art may serve as a vehicle for both individual and group

liberation, Xander has traveled the world to spread the message. He was just

recognized as the Artist of the Year by the International Youth Center. He has had

numerous appearances on the Australian pop lists, collaborated with the top

photographers throughout the world, and is currently finishing the screenplay of the very

first all-African produced Hollywood film, which he recently completed in the Philippines.

From visual to digital sound

Also a physical curator of Philippine Blockchain Week 2023: BREAKOUT, his song "Cryptocurrency" will be played at the conference, which will take place from September

18 to September 22, 2023, at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport World Resorts,

Manila. TikTok content creators frequently utilize "Cryptocurrency" as their background


The majority of people are still unfamiliar, perplexed, or terrified by blockchain, despite it

being the next big thing. Because there are so many myths about blockchain, our

society still needs to develop a stronger system of beliefs in this area.

“I am currently adding my contributions into that world, do what I know how to do, like

music. NFT also need sound and I’m more into that sound aspect of it. It’s interesting

because generally I’m a visual person and now I’m going deeper into sound when it

comes to NFTs,” Pratt said.

Xander Pratt Collection

CNN listed Pratt as one of the top 10 African Avant-Garde artists in 2020. Many artists

all over the world have found inspiration in his creative works.

“My Inspiration is drawn from painting emotions onto the Body, most people are not

wearing outside, what they feel inside. This makes it harder for them to fully step into

the power of their true personality and identity. We are not clones of each other. The

material we use to clothe our body's is symbolic of our Individuality. It is a philosophy.

Fashion is our modern day armour against the concrete jungle of public perception.

Wear it with pride and fight valiantly,” Pratt shared.

Xander Pratt Collection ( represents the birth of

ideas woven delicately into Timeless Pieces of Peace. The brand creates exclusive

pieces that allow their wearers to access not only their internal power but their

individuality. Its versatile designs give the wearer confidence to feel unique as most

pieces are sold in limited editions.

For personal and business commissions, kindly email at:

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