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Wander Like a Local: Wuhan Unveiled

The first thing that comes to mind when traveling to China may be the terracotta warriors of Shaanxi province or the Great Wall of China in Huairo, or even bar hopping in Shanghai.

But there is one place in this old country that is very much worth exploring—Wuhan.

Sprawling with historic temples and picturesque views, Wuhan is about 1,160 kilometers from Beijing and is the best place for gastronomic, cultural and spiritual aspiration. Dubbed as the “Chicago of China” due to its connection to other major cities via dozens of railways, roads and expressways, Wuhan is the perfect base to get from one point to another across China.

To explore Wuhan’s rich culture and tradition, there’s no better way to explore the city than on a full stomach. The city offers Hot and Dry Noodles, Doupi (A breakfast snack made from eggs, rice, beef, mushroom and beans), salty doughnuts and the famous Duck Neck, known as “living meat,” or the most delicious part of a duck. The meat is tightly attached to the bone, which is maybe its greatest pleasure, besides the burning and spicy flavors.

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province and the most populous city in Central China, lies in the eastern Jianghan Plain on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River’s intersection with the Han river. Marvel at Guiyuan Temple, one of the top places to visit, being one of the four biggest temples for Buddhist meditation in Hubei, Yellow Crane Tower, one of the four great towers of China, Hubei Provincial Museum and of course, a ferry boat ride at East Lake to explore the scenic area with pavilions and gardens. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom in Spring.

Wuhan is historically significant and also a major player in China’s rapidly developing future. With a 3,500-year history, Wuhan’s urban civilization dates to Panlong Town, the oldest city ever unearthed in the Yangtze River basin. For the past thousands of years, thanks to its well-developed transport network and abundant local products, this area has always been a land of milk and honey, and a regional political, commercial and trade center. Thus, Wuhan possesses an advantage and characteristic of diverse cultures.

While Guangzhou is the paradise for eating and Shanghai is for dressing, Wuhan is a combination of both. High Mountains and Flowing Water, hot weather, spicy food, smart people, splendid history and culture, they characterize the city as one of the most colorful in China, making this gem of a city as the next top destination for globetrotters.

The city of Wuhan warmly welcomes Filipinos to visit and bring out their inner wanderlust. Sounds blissful enough to book that ticket and hop on the plane? For more information, reach Be Tour & Travel. Discover Wuhan today and find out why it’s known as “China’s Thoroughfare.”

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