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WeRide Sparks a Thrilling Transformation in the Philippine Car Rental Landscape

By Kuku Samson

The car rental industry in the Philippines is currently experiencing a remarkable transformation, driven by various factors. Among the most significant is the escalating cost of car ownership. From the relentless surge in fuel prices to the burdensome upkeep expenses, the financial demands of owning and maintaining a vehicle have led many individuals to explore alternative options.

Another influential factor contributing to this shift is the influx of tourists and expatriates into this sun-soaked archipelago. As tourism thrives and international mobility expands, there's a growing demand for versatile transportation solutions. Simultaneously, the expanding middle class has created a void in the market, with a desire for accessible and cost-effective mobility options.

In response to this evolving landscape, WeRide has taken the center stage, eager to meet the demand for real travel experiences, convenience, and practicality. WeRide is an app-based rent-a-car company fully committed to providing top-tier service and professionalism to both its valued clients and operators. Their extensive range of services includes self-drive rentals, chauffeur-driven luxury, and even courier services spanning the entire nation.

The WeRide Advantage

One of WeRide's standout features is its remarkable flexibility. Car owners now have the power to choose when and how often they want to make their vehicles available for rent, effectively offsetting the high costs of car ownership. Meanwhile, renters are presented with an enticing array of reasonably priced vehicles, perfectly tailored to their unique needs and budgets.

To encapsulate the brilliance of WeRide, think of it as the Airbnb of the automotive world, as envisioned by the entrepreneurial millennial, Garry Sales Jr. Always on the lookout for innovative digital solutions that promote safe, efficient, and eco-friendly transit, Garry teamed up with fellow millennial and savvy app developer Ronald Flores to bring WeRide Philippines to life.

A team of dynamic individuals soon joined to support this ingenious venture. Dr. Claudine Roura, an expert in VASER Liposuction and Dermatology, coined the name "WeRide" for the young CEO. Similarly, Craig Lines, a thrice-awarded BAFTA laureate and holder of five Guinness World Records in filmmaking, who previously directed and produced for BBC, lent his expertise in creating captivating digital content for the project. Marketing is skillfully handled by Florencio Domingo, the President and CEO of Sellsia Inc., while social media account management is entrusted to the internationally acclaimed content creator and film writer, Vaughn Abrasado. Insurance brokerage is provided by Divine Segui, and Attorney Talampas serves as the legal counsel.

In addition, WeRide has introduced a transport cooperative that offers its operators the opportunity to earn dividends simply by becoming members. This transformative cooperative will be adeptly managed by the seasoned entrepreneur, Harold Cubacub.

According to the CEO, WeRide's audacious goal is to make a staggering 300 cars available in every city. The company enjoys the support of well-established car insurance providers, Etiqa and Standard. Currently, WeRide thrives magnificently in its top three markets: the National Capital Region (NCR), Baguio, and Batangas.

Most impressively, WeRide has proudly secured a dealership from Toyota Motors Philippines, complete with commercial insurance and a GPS tracker—an undeniable testament to their influence and reputation in the automotive domain. With these strong foundations in place, WeRide is undeniably steering the Philippine car rental market into a thrilling new era of unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and unbeatable value.

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