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Xander Pratt Captivates the Art Scene with The Lost Tablet Collection

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

Artists have the power to turn their creative energies into beautiful works of art that take viewers into a different world. It is in this department that Xander Pratt excels in. The Zimbabwe-born artist is currently based in Morocco and the Philippines as Chair of the Board of AsiaTV, a media enterprise empowering the Global South through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The world took notice of the amazing artistry of Xander Pratt as he was made recipient of the top Avant Garde artist in Africa by CNN, among other accolades. His gift was brought to greater heights by the mentoring of abstract artist Wafaa Mezouar, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a revered female painter of the continent.

The reputation of Xander as a creative soul is well-deserved. In fact, he has sold a number of collections under the patronage of the adviser of King of Morocco, and the Sultanate of Sulu, with the support of ICESCO and UNESCO.

As a fountain of vision and talent, his expressions have crossed over to cover music, fashion, fine arts, and film. As a phygital curator of the Philippine Blockchain Week, he has extended his cleverness into the realm of NFTs.

The Lost Tablet Collection (for this editor) is a kind of Rosetta Stone. “I want to believe that hundreds of years from now, these tablets will be found again and people will be able to find messages within them. It is a timeless capsule of the human consciousness,” Xander said.

The creative process that went into painting the Lost Tablets is extraordinary. All seventeen paintings were made at the same time in Baguio City, a haven for creatives. The creator placed the canvasses in different environments. He went from one painting to the next for the continuity of emotions. All of the paintings display one emotion as they were made with one breath.

Each painting has its own field of energy. “I would go to a channeled state. Before I paint, I would meditate for a very long time. As I paint one piece, I channel an emotion and that feeling I put on the canvass. That is the feeling I want viewers to savor when they examine my work. I was in multiple states of consciousness when I was painting them,” the artist exclaimed.

The concept of the butterfly played a crucial role in the art exhibit as it symbolizes how people could transition into something new. It is the main reason why Xander Pratt is into many art forms. Like a butterfly, he is constantly metamorphosizing.

Discover for yourself what the celebrated artist has to offer. Take the time to wonder at the works of Xander.

THE LOST TABLET COLLECTION runs until July 9, 2023 at the Rizal room of the Manila House BGC.

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