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Floors to Walls "Beyond Basics"

In 2022, the construction industry is projected to register a growth of 14.9%, and then expand by an annual average rate of 7.8% over the remainder of the forecast period (2023-2025). Government programs promoting the development of affordable housing, transport, and renewable energy infrastructure are expected to continue to support the expansion of the industry in the coming years.

As construction has become more complex, and suppliers have become more specialists, the supply chain has extended. On a straight-forward 'traditional' building project, design consultants and the main contractor, work for the employer, and the main contractor may have a limited chain of their suppliers.

Floors to Walls aims to magnify and amplify its client in construction sectors and franchisees with vast material options that could fit their construction budget and project design specifications, to be the top expert in defining materials to use. The business packages will encourage Filipino in business trading, wholesaling, and reselling.

Powerful Brand

Following their success from modest beginnings started the small business start-up in Binondo, Manila, Floor to Walls is now a prestige brand that could cater to a one-stop shop that focused on the consumer’s franchise package both wholesale and retail come across to perfectly met the basics made better.

Coming up with Innovative Ideas

While most architects would love to have the creative freedom to do whatever they want, many find it very difficult to come up with innovative designs when they get the opportunity to do as they like. There isn’t a clear-cut solution to this problem as everyone has their creative process, but there are a few things that can help. Floors to Walls is the key to helping architects, designers, and contractors make things easier for them during purchasing and construction phase.

Ensuring Good Construction

The main job of the supplier or company like Floors to Walls is to come up with an appealing material swatch presenting options - the building aesthetics, and its overall appeal that will wow clients.

Giving Back to The Community

The success and growth gave Floors and Walls group more inspiration to give back to the Filipino community and to continue to serve them and also challenged them to further explore innovations that can create more collaborators and jobs to be part of the Philippine Economy’s vision into sustainability.

Franchise Package Highlights

This year, they aim to find franchisees that have the technical knowledge and heart to run the business using the Floors to Walls brand name, as Kelvin Ting, owner of Floors To Walls, mentioned “ I would rather have a franchisee that could understand the business goal and the technicality of it and so the heart to handle the business will just follow “.

Each franchise package includes equipment and software, operations support, and marketing support on top of the showroom designs that will highlight the saleable products that are included in the package.

Floors to Walls’ initial Franchise Package amounts to PHP4.5 million, which already comes with a 5-year Franchise Fee, PHP2 million worth of saleable products, security bond, operation tools, and system. ROI could be achieved in less than 2 years given the targeted low volume, high-value transactions that usually occur in the business. The franchising process is estimated to last for three weeks, starting on the day of submission of documents to the opening of the store. The minimum location requirement is 200 to 300 square meters for the basic setup. Each target location must be located on a national road and accessible to the public.

To know more about the Floors to Walls Franchise Package, you may contact the team at You may also follow and inquire through their official Facebook Account:

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