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Happy Life introduces two new products to pet care line

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the company that gave you Waterless Shampoo for your pet dogs now has two new products to add to its growing pet care line.

Happy Life Organics, a Philippine-based company that promotes innovative and eco-friendly solutions for your pets, has developed an Ear Wash and an Eye Wash for your furbabies.

The Ear Wash is gently formulated for pets and is made of neem, peppermint, and witch hazel. It contains no sulfates, colorants, or fragrances. It helps reduce wax build, removes debris, and helps relieve ear irritation. It is a guaranteed cruelty-free ear wash for pets.

The Eye Wash, on the other hand, is incorporated into a saline solution and has no sulfates, colorants, or fragrances. It helps remove tear stains, and debris and helps in eye irritation. Like the Ear Wash, the Eye Wash is a cruelty-free product for pets.

Happy Life Organics is best known for its Waterless Shampoo, the first product of its kind in the Philippines which is 100 percent natural and pet friendly. It’s an innovative and plant bath alternative to chemicals that are usually found in shampoos for pets.

Happy Life Organics provides all-natural, sustainable eco-friendly solutions to homes across the country. The company promotes a healthier lifestyle based on a plant-based organic view and by bringing home and pet product alternatives that are changing and improving lives for the better.

For more information about Happy Life’s Ear Wash, Eye Wash, Waterless Shampoo, and their other products, you can visit You can also visit the Lazada and Shopee Flagship malls. Just search for Happy Life Organics

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