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Homey, comfy dining at Monalisa Kitchen

One of the go-to dining in Marikina is Monalisa Kitchen, located in Dela Paz St., San Roque. Named after husband and wife “Mon” and “Issa”, Monalisa Kitchen exudes a garden feel, relaxing vibe type of restaurant. Used to be an ancestral house that has been converted into a restaurant, it has a refreshing, cozy, and homey ambiance to dine in.

It started operations in August 2020 as food delivery due to ECQ regulations. They offer a Filipino menu. It finally accepted dine-in customers in November 2020.

According to Maria Charissa Uanang-Josef, Founder/CEO of Monalisa Kitchen, “operating a restaurant in the height of pandemic was challenging which led to us to thriving new markets i.e. catering for intimate events and food deliveries. Today, we are offering intimate events (mostly weddings) within Monalisa Kitchen. We also do outside catering for bigger events. We also offer food trays and food pack delivery to our corporate clients and regular customers.”

Their specialties include Beef Caldereta, Baked Tahong, Crispy Binagoongan, Bulalo and Cheesy Lumpia.

Gather your family at Monalisa Kitchen and experience a wonderful celebration in a homey setting with heartwarming comfort food! This is the place to be if you want a simple yet elegant place where you can feel comfortable -

Address: Monalisa Kitchen

Address: 98 E Dela Paz, San roque, Marikina

Landline: (02) 8641 7420

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