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Old Business Meets New Strategies

In the Philippines, aside from sari-sari stores, bakeries, and pawnshops, one business that thrives and lasts longer than usual is a hardware shop. In a country where do-it-yourself (DIY) has been a part of its rich culture, small family businesses served as a testament of resilience and inspiration to younger generations who aspire to have a better life through entrepreneurship.

This story is no different for Mr. Kelvin Ting, CEO of Floors to Walls, who shares the highs and lows of opening a family business right at the heart of Chinatown in Manila.

Major Setback, Maximizing Opportunities

The challenges brought about by the pandemic to individuals, businesses, and economies around the globe put everyone to the test both physically and mentally. With restrictions on the mobility of people and things, numerous establishments were forced to close down to abide by the government’s health protocols in containing the spread of the virus. For Mr. Ting, the setback the pandemic caused to his hardware shop in Soler St., Binondo, Manila, has pushed him to find new ways to earn a living not only for his family but for his employees as well.

“The pandemic put all of us in a very challenging situation. Even though we have other businesses, closing our physical store here in Manila led to some changes in doing business. Thankfully, when construction was allowed again, along with the quick pick up of our wholesale business for construction supplies, our new strategy for our retail business is in place to capture the market,” he shares.

During the two-month strict lockdown, Mr. Ting took various online courses on digital marketing that provided him with a new set of skills to pursue his plans for his business.

“The quick shift of businesses to digitalization has provided Floors to Walls a better opportunity to introduce its wide array of products online that are suited for Filipinos’ discerning taste. We converted our resources and put our attention into maximizing our digital presence to expand our market from Manila to other nearby areas,” he added.

Since its shift to digitalization, Floors to Walls has received a better response from the market creating more opportunities to explore new areas of the business that can help more Filipinos thrive.

Taking a Leap, Making a Change

For Mr. Kelvin Ting, the success of its digital exploration and continuous good results of its wholesale construction supplies business mean more opportunities to help out other business-minded people like him to grow. As his businesses continue to flourish, he is now ready to open its doors to people who see owning a hardware shop as a long-term business goal.

“I believe that hardware shops are one of the most resilient businesses in the country. When the government started to reopen the economy in 2020, one of the businesses deemed essential is the hardware business. So, if you are looking for a business that could provide you with a stable income, owning a hardware shop should be on top of your list,” Mr. Ting shared.

Floors to Walls is set to open its franchise business that aims to provide an alternative opportunity to Filipinos who are looking for a time-tested business. With its initial Franchise Package of PHP4.5 million, this comes with a 5-year Franchise Fee, PHP2 million worth of saleable products, security bond, operation tools, and system.

“MSME has been the backbone of our economy for many years now, and with the opening of Floors to Walls branches in different key areas in the Philippines, I’m sure that this will provide an opportunity and convenience to many people who wish to have a better life,” he added.

Floors to Walls offers a wholesale (B2B model) and retail business (B2C model) of home finishing products, with easy to operate and proven system topped with an established brand, and strong franchise support system. The franchise program is also set to capture a huge niche market that will lead to exponential growth.

To know more about Floors to Walls, you may visit To know more about the Floors to Walls Franchise Package, you may contact them at

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